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Now for Roxy’s highschool experiences, there’d been an ongoing war between Roxy and the football team. Their latest act of retaliation? A little friendly raping. But don’t worry, Roxy plans on getting them back by leaking gay footage of them online.

Well I hope you enjoy this, because this’ll be the last thing I post for another 2 weeks. I’m going on holiday so unfortunately I’ll have to leave my OC’s highschool adventures for now. Well anyways thank you to all my fans/followers and I hope you enjoy/

See you guys soon!


So you want to make an OC?: A Masterpost of Ways to Create, Develop, and Make Good OCs!

i made this masterpost in hopes that it helps you in making your own OCs ah;; it can also apply to developing RP characters i suppose! if you’d like to add more resources then go for it sugar pea (´ヮ`)!

How to Write Better OCs:

Character Development:








again, this is to help inspire you or help establish your OCs! i hope you get a lot of info and help from this ahh ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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